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Anniversary Rings For Women

marriage ringsWomen may have an easier time picking out their diamond anniversary ring, as there are a number of ring designs that cater to their preferences. She may want to find an anniversary band that complements her wedding ring or engagement ring.

Men also have quite a number of options for diamond anniversary bands in the market. Many choices lean towards durable and classic-looking styles to suit their tastes. Like women, men also have the choice to select a diamond anniversary band that best compliments their wedding ring.

So… what types of metals are used to make anniversary rings?

The most common precious metals used in diamond anniversary bands are gold and platinum. You’ll find diamond anniversary bands with both yellow gold and white gold bands in a lot of styles.

While white gold suits some diamond cuts, yellow gold makes other types of diamond cuts stand out even more. Rose gold is another choice of gold on the market even though they are not as common as the other two. Still, rose gold can make a tinted diamond (red tints) stand out beautifully.

Platinum is a great choice for men or women who want a brilliantly shining diamond anniversary band because platinum is known to bring out the ‘glimmer’ of certain diamond cuts. Platinum may also work best with a combination of diamonds and other precious gemstones. This type of combination can create a truly unique set of diamond anniversary bands!

All right, so… what goes into picking the right diamonds for a diamond anniversary ring?

Is there anything I should look out for?

Well, the diamond settings is something you should get started with…

There are so many settings and complementary cuts out there that it can get confusing to pick just one pair. Many settings use diamonds that will vary in cut depending on the style of anniversary rings you choose.

To provide an example, pave settings depict small diamonds clustered together within the band’s tiny grooves. In most cases, there are two to three rows of these diamonds set within the band.

Bezel settings have the diamonds embedded into the band and are held in place by thin strips of metal. It’s one of most classic diamond settings out there.

Prong-style settings are the most common. They’re the settings seen in both diamond rings and earrings secure the stone in place with metal prongs by grasping and holding the stone well past the band.

In Bar-style rings, the stones are separated by thin metal bar that help keep each stone in place around the piece.

Popular diamond shapes often found in diamond anniversary bands include the round, princess, marquise and baguette styles. For the full list, you can visit for more information…

One of the most popular diamond arrangements found in anniversary bands utilizes three diamonds—usually one bigger diamond and two smaller ones. This anniversary ring style best commemorates a couples’ past, present and future.

Whatever style you choose, diamond anniversary bands look beautiful – do browse around and check out some of the fabulous options that are available on online jewelry stores.

 November 24th, 2011