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Estate Jewelry – Deal or No Deal? 

The delicate touch of sophistication and the status that a woman gets from jewelry and how much is she willing to pay to have that is the core of the jewelry business.  Be it the cheap multicolored plastic bangles or diamond studded earrings, every woman is in awe and fascination with some kind of jewel.

However there is no comparison with the level of fascination attached to the fine estate jewelry. Not only is it symbolized by the pinnacles of status and prices, but also of sentiments, intrigue and history. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie both wrote many famous novels and stories about sleuths for tracking down legendary diamonds and estate jewelry.

Or if you have a bolder taste, imagine a David Webb cocktail featuring diamond, jade, gold, and coral or a gorgeous diamond brooch by Tiffany & Co. The individual eras and styles and designers add their unique flare to the beautiful wearable art pieces.  Each piece of estate jewelry, be it a pendant, ring or a bracelet,  is compiled by hours of sweating, labor, cutting, sawing, casting, polishing, collecting, rasping, and setting.

Every diamond goes through careful mining, washing, analyzing, cutting analyzing again, selling, setting in the jewelry and selling again.  Every piece of estate jewelry has been dealt by artists, high-end appraisers, businessmen and history in its backdrop. Indeed it is a piece of art that you can wear, touch, and cherish.

Buying a Quality Diamond in the Second Hand Market

Unless you are a trained gemologist, it will be very tricky for you to know what you are getting when buying estate diamond jewelry. However, that does not mean that you should shy away from buying diamonds for only that reason.

You can hold the possession of a wonderful heirloom by buying a worthy estate diamond jewelry. With the right ways, it is highly possible for you to purchase a quality diamond jewelry even in the second hand market. Here are some valuable tips for you to keep n mind for finding good buys in the estate jewelry:

Educate Yourself with Diamond Knowledge

Most importantly, increase your personal knowledge about diamonds, their quality and types. You can easily find useful resources on the internet as well as through books on the topic of diamonds and estate jewelry. Get a good feel of what are the good characteristics of a quality gemstone and what are not.

Don’t be fooled by value determinations that may mislead you into a better grade of diamond that is actually much less valuable.

Simply reading will not make you an expert on this subject but you will get the necessary knowledge to help you in your search of a good piece of diamond estate jewelry. Develop the know-how of the 4C’s of diamonds.

Do Your Own Read-Ups And Research

For one, coming in armed with knowledge of designers, their hallmarks (the numbers, symbols, and signatures stamped into the inside or underside of jewelry), and a general sense of what is worth how much, when, and why, is a good start. That way you can easily identify what a material is made of, when it was made, and how much it is worth. For instance, 750 usually refers to 18K gold. Sometimes designers will stamp 18K directly into their work, sometimes not. 925 refers to sterling silver. Knowing the general total weight in carats on a piece with diamonds, will also indicate how much the piece is really worth.

Jewelry is a fascinating part of human life and society. It is one of those things we cannot resist. One can wear it and feel a certain level of completion and pride, or one can collect it and treat it as art. Either way, fine estate jewelry is a fascinating world to enter, and when played right, can reap plenty of rewards.


 May 12th, 2013